Monday, March 8, 2010

Mini-meltdowns, judgements and lessons learned

So I'm having a mini-meltdown - the first one in several weeks, which is probably a huge step forward for me - but man, can a few words really bring a girl down.

And this really teaches one about talking to their
loved ones, for sure.

You know, I wasn't the most morally obligated teenager - so what? Who doesn't have regrets from that time in their lives? I have plenty. Plenty. And yes, I dressed a little risqué. My tops were low, and I was proud to show off what I had - who doesn't do that in high school? But you know what? I grew up. Ta-da. It happens, and for once I wish that I got some credit for doing so. I'm not running around practically falling out of my tops anymore, nor am I so desperate for attention - I'm just trying to live a life, my life. And for gods sake, I wish that my family would just get on board and stop bringing up the past. I am not that girl anymore, I'm not even a shadow of that girl.

I'm growing, I'm evolving - just like everyone else. So why is it that they can acknowledge everyone else's changes, but mine?

I know that this was kind of a ranting/pathetic/ridiculous post, but so be it. I'm a little emotionally unstable right now, thanks mom.

Lesson: Nobody should have the right to judge you based on the person you were years ago, the person you no longer resemble inside (and to some extent, outside).

And when they do - cry, get pissed and angry-blog. It's actually pretty relieving.