Friday, March 5, 2010

Creepers, dating and nagging grannies.

Does anyone out there ever feel like they've got a loser-magnet hiding somewhere within their body? Because lately, I feel that way. Probably because loserish men keep hitting on me / relentlessly asking me out, even after direct negatives are given to them. It's really quite odd, because I've just recently decided to not date at all - and now the creepers are squirming out of the woodwork to annoy the living crap out of me. I decided to not date, not because I find all of humanity too vile to date or anything - but because I sort of need to focus on me, and only me. It's not really fair to anyone if I date them when I'm still working on figuring myself out - I mean, it's kind of cruel to lead people on like that (I think). Although, it can be fun post-breakup (not that I would know, of course - because I'm way above that).

But seriously, has the creep population doubled? Is there a larva colony outside of the Fargo/Moorhead area just
breeding these guys? I think so. I also think someone needs to get on this shit and go exterminate this place, because honestly no one wants more creepers in the world. Nobody. Even creepers are kind of tired of it - obviously because more of them means less creeper time per creeper, and that's uneconomical for everyone.

Now, if I were going to date anyone, it'd have to be someone super awesome, because I'm super awesome (and the awesome always date the awesome, right?). No? Well, I'm at least sort of cool, by my standards (which are low in the cool department). However, I'm pretty content with the whole single-status, even if it means my grandmother is going to be on my back about being unmarried and childless every damn time I see her. Way to rub in my loneliness Grandma. Seriously. Thanks. It doesn't make it feel worse at all being reminded constantly.


Anywho, dating. Yeah, it's
pretty sweet when it's not sucking the life out of you or devouring your soul. I'm kind of more glad to be single after having written that sentence, for sure.

Well, have a good next date with your creepers, people. Cheers.