Friday, November 12, 2010

Life changing event? Probably not.

But this is still sort of awesome.

So I tweeted this:

And then Peter Facinelli actually followed me! It was only for about a second, because I assume he re-read the message and was like "Screw this."

But still, it's pretty damn cool.

Here's a link to a larger version of the picture (because it's being a butt and won't work properly):

To the FB whiners-

So, I'm thinking people need to be less ridiculous and caught up on themselves (says the girl with a personal blog that attempts to pander her life stories to an audience). I mean honestly, I remember high school pretty damn well. That's all I want - to remember it. I do not need daily reminders that people I went to high school with are still acting like they're in high school. Grow up? Move on? Stop crying like a whiny baby?

Too much? Possibly.

Or perhaps not enough?

I know that considering people's feelings is very important, and that we live in an anal-retentive PC culture (I'm guilty as charged majourity of the time!), but when did it come to the point where we forgo honesty in favour of sugar-coating every damn thing in half-constructed lies to make people feel like they're deserving human beings?

I don't think we should start telling kids that they'll end up failing at life, or that their greatest dream better be working as a gas station attendant, because there is no way that Timmy-the-glue-eater is getting into college.

But I am pretty sure that by the time you're in your early twenties that you should be able to handle criticism - and hell, even realistic thinking.

Whoa, whoa, back up the reality-train, right?

Wrong. There is no reason that a college student that is failing every course they have ever attempted to take, should think that they're going to get into Harvard Law any time soon (unless they've got one hell of a rich uncle to buy their way in).

I'm just saying, let's work in at least a little honesty - and stop with all the whining over ever little thing that has ever happened to you. Buck up, and be an adult about some stuff, and the things that you absolutely cannot bare to keep to yourself, well post those in moderation on your FB and Twitter.

Because I guarantee you, there is about 1/60 people that give a damn that that one person you were seeing for roughly .5 seconds dumped you/did you wrong.

And that one person is probably one of your relatives.
One of the nosy ones.
That wants to use the information to hurt you in some way.

That's all I've got to say about it for the moment, but I'm going to leave you with a comment that I put on my own FB that sums up my feelings on this subject quite well...

This message goes out to people on FB who complain that they have such horrendous problems. You’re right that guy/girl/something-or-other WAS a total jerkface loser who totally did NOT deserve you after you spent that whole week with them! And you’re right your mom/dad/sister/brother/third-cousin-with-the-missing-eye IS being a real meanie to you all the time! Jeez. And that teacher? They are DEFINITELY out to get you! I bet you get 100% on tests, and they just go back and change your answers so that you’ll look like a failure! That way they get the chance to endure you *again* the next year, because they have an agenda! …So, to all you people who feel you have a real need to share your ‘issues’ with every single person who doesn’t care, I ask you to stop, because when an actual problem arises in your life – FB will be the last place you’ll want to express it.