Monday, March 29, 2010

Projects, skull pants and academic hell.

Well, well. Life seems to have caught up to me and stolen all of my time recently. Life is a bitch; a thieving, conniving one at that.

So, I was being such a purposeful grown-up today. I totally went all the way to campus and talked to my group member about our project. Like for real real. I put effort into questions and even decided to retake a test that I did horrendously on from weeks ago from another class. To add even more gold stars to my fabulously school-heavy day (on a day when I have no school normally!), I even went to the library to get articles printed off that I didn't even need yet.

I'm pretty sure a small planet just exploded somewhere in the solar system.

However, now I'm sitting around in purple pj pants (with freaking awesome skull details), surfing the internet and avoiding studying for a test... that is tomorrow. Afternoon. Don't judge me, I've got time people.

School is hell right now though. I think Spring is the official time of demon activity, and people are just bullshitting us in the Fall. Honestly, the last few weeks of the Spring semester suck royally, and not in the fun way either. It's like cram-cram-cram. Then guess what? Pass out, wake up and do it all again. And again. And again. The never-ending circle of academic sadism.

Tie me up and spank me with a textbook, universe.

There are a lot of sexual innuendos in this post - I think I like it. Rough.