Monday, March 1, 2010

Re-evaluations, Ohno and good-mojo.

For the past several years I've let myself fall into not only a rut, but a self-pitying rut. I defined my entire being on the doom and gloom of my horrific 1 year 7 month relationship to a total douche bag. I not only defined myself thusly, but I let others define me that way - and define me they did. Of course, I wasn't exactly throwing out alternatives for them to bind to, now was I?

Recently I've begun to re-evaluate my own identity - and boy, are there a lot of cobwebs in that attic. Honestly, the thing that seems to have stimulated my road to change has actually been, and I joke you not, the 2010 Olympic games. Now, I know what you're thinking - what the f? Well, the endurance and courage of the athletes is way impressive - but that had so very little to do with it. What did? Twitter. Apolo Ohno's twitter, to be exact. And yes, we all know he is that cute - however, it was all the positive stuff that that guy posts that kind of drove it home (and his attractiveness certainly didn't hurt things). The good mojo that flows out of his tweets gave me a daily pick-up, and watching him & all the other Olympians compete proved to me that things aren't always a suckfest in the world - people can achieve HUGE things - and so could I, if I just tried to. Because honestly, that's what matters most. Winning is freaking awesome, no duh - but being ballsy enough to try - that takes real effort; good things won't just happen. And ta-da, I'm now a newly inducted good-mojo-convert.

I won't guarantee constant pep - I'm no human-motivational-poster like Apolo is, but I damn sure am going to try to be at least a motivational-button.

So, welcome to the new chapter in my life people. Hoorah.