Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hell beasts, hyperventilation and greatest fears confirmed.

The morning from Hell.

I mean that quite literally.

After having finally fallen asleep at 2 in-the-goddamn-A.M. I was awoken three minutes to 5 in-the-holy-hell-A.M. by the sensation that something was c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g on me. Oh gods. It turned out to be true! I have never moved so fast in my whole life! I was up, I had my Home Defender spray in my hand in seconds and I let loose on my couch like it was WWIII and that spider was the ENEMY! It was no small pin-sized beast either!

I am forever scarred. Forever. And ever and ever and ever.

Now I'm up, showered and dressed and it's not even 6. Holy hell. I don't have to be to class until 9. I'm so fucking hyped up on fear and adrenaline right now, people. I'm pretty sure this must be my ultimate fear/paranoia/scenario-where-I-die.

At this point, I wish I was on Xanax. Because I can't stop hyperventilating and I cannot pass out - I will not be unconscious again - ever.