Friday, April 16, 2010

Worship, harbouring enemies and nocturnal-people.

Worship me, people-who-waste-time-sleeping.

Damn right I'm talking to you. I didn't sleep a wink last night and I have gotten more done before 8 this morning than I have the rest of the week combined.

I got an entire paper out of the way for next week, I got four boxes and two crates packed, I showered and I shaved everything this morning. Not only did I get those menial tasks done, but I also found out I have an amazing ability to style myself when I've gotten no sleep. No joke. I look adorable today. And I was showered and dressed by 5.30 a.m., time-wasters.

I am practically above and beyond human.
I'm pretty much inhuman.

I'm like a Vampire, y'all.

Except, I get super queasy around blood, so keep that shit away from me. For real.

I've only had one more giant spider incident, and one pathetic little beetle (who was nothing after those other beasts).

I think I might be getting past the whole situation entirely. Except I'm still carrying around my Home Defender spray like a life vest, and my flashlight is permanently stashed my pocket at all times - you never know when a dark shadowy area might be harbouring the enemy. Oh, and the whole not-sleeping-thing of course. That's probably not going to work forever, but I'm totally going home tomorrow. It's just when I come back to finish out the semester that I have a problem. Seriously, I'm going to have to forcibly throw myself into attempting sleep. What a waste of time.

I've obviously learned that I'm nocturnal, or else I would not have gotten all this crap done. For real, people, society needs to make the world a little more nocturnal-people-friendly.

That way I can actually get shit done.