Friday, April 9, 2010

Fall schedule, tons of crap and one month to go.

So earlier this week I decided on my schedule for this up-coming fall. Huzzah. It'll be a full 15-credits of pure delightful anthropology. Be jealous, people. I know you are.

(Schedule as follows for anyone who cares... mwf The Aztecs 9.30-10.20, The Paleolithic Age 10.30-11.20, North American Archaeology 11.30-12.20, Intro to Physical Anthropology 12.30-1.20 & American Indian Ethnography online - finally, a reason to be online that's legitimate.)

I also realized that I have just days over one month to pack and get my ass out this apartment for the summer. I have a lot of stuff. I mean a lot lot of stuff. Probably more than one apartment should have. I'm practically a fire hazard, y'all.

I am going to perish violently packing all of this stuff by myself. That might possibly be an overreaction.


Then again, there is a lot of stuff.

Some of this crap is coming home with me for the summer, but a ton of it is going to be put into storage. I'm telling you this so you can lighten my load, people. - But not really. Leave my crap alone. Jeez, you're all a bunch of thieves.

If this stuff was worth anything at all, it'd probably make your time worth while to try to ransack. But it's all pretty much cheap stuff that I got at garage sales. Because I'm eco-friendly. And modestly poor. I'm in college, stop judging me.

One month to go. For real, people. I'm both hyperventilating and doing the snoopy dance. I'm pretty sure that's not healthy, but I'm not a doctor.

I remember when the end of the school year meant that it was the dawning of the coolest part of the year. But now it's just a stressful situation that involves a lot of last minute papers, final exams and finding summer work. Where did the fun go, universe? I think we got jipped, y'all.

So screw the limited-fun-of-summer thing. I plan to lounge outside in the sun (with sunblock, I burn like there's no tomorrow people) like a goddamn cat as much as possible this summer.

I will also probably hit up a bunch more garage sales too (because I have a problem staying away from them).

So look out next semester - me and my cheap crap are coming to get you!