Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sexting, field-trip fun and ghosties.

So, you ever have a really good sext-athon?

Yeah, it's been one of those nights.

And somebody has got to take my phone away from me, because honestly, it is not a safe place for it to be. I am pretty much willingly setting myself up to be crushed. Again. By the same person. Awesome.

First off, I admit to knowingly starting the conversation - but I take no responsibility to where it has gone. Well, I take some responsibility. Like halfish.

Okay. It's mainly my fault for nudging it in this direction.

But it's not my fault that my intentions got all distorted and sextish. I just wanted him to admit that I was not the only one affected by last spring. Things just went in the wrong direction is all. A very wrong, sexually promiscuous direction.

Up side? He did admit it. Albeit, in a slightly different manner than expected.

I think that sort of counts as a "win" in my book. That is, if I were keeping a winning/losing book. Thank gods I'm not, that beast would be heavy-handed in the lose column. And that would just be depressing, y'all.

In another vein, I'm almost done with the semester! Huzzah! One week, one day. That's it baby, then home sweet, pollen-infested home.

Also? Had an awesome two day field-trip for my Historical Geology class. It was filled with lots of rocks, minor woundings, awkward pool participants and, unbeknownst to us, a lot of haunted shit. Yeah, so not in the tour guide, people. All sorts of mental asylum deaths and suicides apparently occurred at the quarries we went to. Comforting. Really.

I just hope none of us brought home any paranormal hitchhikers, y'all, because I do not need that during finals.

You hear me ghosties? Not right now. Just check back in a week or so.

It's called courtesy.