Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home, garage sale finds and Seether.

So, I've officially been home for over a week now and wow.

I'm sort of ready to go somewhere else for just a little while. Don't get me wrong, I adore being home - but it's sort of hard to not be able to make the decisions after having done so for around 10 months prior to now. Although, it does have it's advantages - like no rent, free food and better cable. So... I should stop complaining now (easier said than done?).

I totally went garage saling (total addict right here) yesterday and Friday - and I made some remarkable finds: one red leather circa-late 90's Buffy-style jacket, gold Marie Antoinette heels and an incredibly angry piggy bank.

I'm nearly certain that my finds are better than anyone else's from yesterday. For real.

Besides finding a shit-ton of stuff (that I probably didn't need) at garage sales, I've been planning my end of summer adventures - and yes, I'm doing it already, I'm a planner, y'all.

My friends and I are going to enjoy the festive nature of the Renaissance Festival at the end of August, THEN we're going to rock the State Fair - and see Seether in concert. My life has been plagued with people who have seen Seether in concert before - and I have yet to be so lucky (woe be my life) - so now I will finally get to say I have seen them, finally. Hinder and Black Stone Cherry shall be there as well, and they're both delicious in concert, people.

That's all I have to update about - now off to sort crap for my own garage sale. Huzzah.