Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lost causes, advice and some wisdom.

I'll fight to the death to save a lost cause.

Of this, I'm quite sure.

It's a ridiculously bad flaw, and one that I'm fully aware of.

Yet, if push came to shove, I'd still do it.

Because I'm obviously broken and/or mentally deficient in other ways. Either way, I'm working on my very own lost cause at the moment. One that is sure to induce lots of metaphorical blood, maybe a little sweat and most assuredly tears of the very real variety.

My advice: never become involved with someone who is still in love with someone else.

It never ends well, and it would appear that it's rather an obvious situation. However, easy smiles and soft eyes can do a lot to dissuade even the strongest individual of the obvious.

And here's my follow up advice: never remain involved in that person's life, while continually fanning the flames of your own desires.

That always backfires. You will betray your own feelings, and most likely that person will pity you rather than sweep you off your feet.

It will be humiliating. There are no other terms for it. Trust my own judgement. Of course, if you continue to foster your own feelings - eternally waiting around for some sort of justification - then fine. Your willing (almost too willing) interest in their lives and wellbeing will most likely be interpreted as the dedication of a great friend.

Which is exactly what you wanted, right? No? Then at least you've not lost someone who obviously meant something to you in the first place.

That can be counted as a "win" in the eternal struggle between winning and losing.

So, at length - don't let your heart lead your head, but don't cut yourself off from the situation either. Just use a little caution and reason before you open yourself up to that certain-someone.

Learn from me. I'm a fountain of painfully-begotten knowledge.

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